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Ok so I think I’ve recovered enough to come back on here without lurking.. I’d like to thank each and every one of you guys for helping me out, especially you three shenzi n Kelsey n hydro. You guys helped me out a lot and make me feel wonderful ;u;. I’d also like to apologize to everyone who put up with that little episode and thank you for… Well putting up with it. Imma go back and delete the readmores because they look annoying in the archive and are pretty pointless tbh since I already got the venting out.

Anyway a hundred thanks again to all of my friends~!

So, to brefily summerize here..

- my family suddenly just started falling apart while I was away at modeling camp and has yet to fully stabilize
- I’m light years behind on school work and have a hard enough time getting through the day without the rest of this crap distracting me from it
- I continuously disappoint everyone by never having enough time to hang out or chat with them
- I can’t make myself roll play or write to any decent extent
- even if I could most of my efforts to get new partners… Have been less than fruitful to say the least
- my parents just got into a huge argument over visiting dad because I’m too incompetent to remember a simple friggin schedule

- AAhaand best yet; I may as well have just told the person who I considered one of my closest friends to go f*** themselves, and all because I’m too stupid and immature to talk things out for a fourth darn time. And even if I was completely right about them and they were purposefully ignoring me 90% of the time and cutting them out was the best move I could have made this still absolutely friggiN SUCKS SO MUCH.

I’m just so sick of being so pathetic it’s no wonder all this happened….. I try not to be such a doormat and I just muck everything up beyond all repair….


On that day, mankind received a grim reminder!

Do you have any headcanons and/or theories about the chao?


- Chaos is their progenitor. Therefore all Chao contain Chaos’ genes.

- Dark Chao are not inherently evil, their appearance is merely influenced by their caretaker. They still exhibit the innocence of all Chao.

- Taking-on the traits of birds is all the rage with Hero Chao (See the third Dark Race)

- Wearing skulls and pumpkins on the head is all the rage with Dark Chao (See the third Hero Race)

- Chao are water elemental-inclined. They require fresh clean water to thrive and murals in SA2’s Egyptian-themed levels (Specifically a secret room in Knuckles’ Death Chamber) depict images of Chao next to water droplets.

- Light Chaos Chao are the ultimate form of most Chao but is rarely reached in nature without the intervention of expert caretakers. Chaos evolved beyond that form because it had abilities and intelligence that far surpassed other Chao.


I like shipping the cheerful one with the grumpy one

SORRY IVE BEEN OFFLINE A LOT RECENTLY I got a new job and that’s been goin on a bit lately


when ppl reblog ur art and write nice things in the tags







wanting to start a conversation with a friend but being paranoid that you’ve been annoying them too much